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Pogba though...

Firstly, sorry for not updating in so long!

It's been a manic few months!

So how did we end up doing a pair for Paul Pogba of Manchester United football club!?

Well, a friend of his got in touch and told us he would like a pair to give to him as a gift, naturally we were skeptical!

However i put 100% into every pair i do so whether it was going to be for the man himself or if it was just a blag they were going to look good.

Fast forward a few weeks later and we start getting tagged in news articles and posts as he's spotted rocking them.

I've not had any comments from Pogba personally but I've seen him wearing the shoes on a few different occasions so i take that as he loves them! The shot opposite is from his Instagram story which speaks for itself!

I'm blessed to be on this journey, the customers & people i meet are just amazing!

I wouldn't be where i am without your support so thank you all, every like, share and tag just shows me how much my art is appreciated and that in itself is a huge confidence boost!

Loads more to come this year and i'll be trying to keep the blog updated on a regular basis!

Peace out


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