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Approved by Ed Sheeran!

Where do I even start!?

I recently experienced a remarkable moment when my craftsmanship caught the attention of none other than the globally acclaimed musician, Ed Sheeran.

I thought I'd share the story behind this particular pair of hand-painted Nike Air Force sneakers that became an unforgettable wedding gift.

Love has the incredible power to inspire extraordinary creations and it was precisely this power that led to the inception of one of our most memorable projects. A loving husband approached us with a heartfelt desire to surprise his wife on their wedding day. Knowing her deep admiration (Some may say obsession eh Demi?) for Ed Sheeran and her love for fashion, he entrusted us with the task of creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that seamlessly blended both elements.

As always with passion and meticulous attention to detail, I embarked on an artistic journey to bring this exceptional vision to life. With Nike Air Force sneakers as my canvas, I delicately hand-painted a captivating portrait of Ed Sheeran on the sides of the shoes transforming the sneakers into wearable pieces of art and the ultimate wedding gift!

After the wedding, we waited for the go-ahead as we didn't want to ruin the surprise and we were able to share the finished masterpiece on social media. Little did we know that this post would catch the attention of none other than Ed Sheeran himself.

The power of social media knows no bounds and being able to reach such a well revered celebrity was a mind blowing moment. Ed Sheeran's retweet was not just a thrilling moment for the newlyweds; it was also a testament to my unwavering commitment to the craft.

It affirmed that my passion for art and my ability to capture the essence of my subjects resonated with people worldwide, even reaching the most prominent figures in the industry. As an artist you will always be scrutinising your own work and i will never let a piece go out unless I am 100% happy with it, if its not a 10/10 then its not going anywhere. When celebrity's comment, share or even purchase my work it really reaffirms that i am doing the right thing. They are used to the finest things that money can buy, so for them to like my work just shows that actually I do know what I'm doing lol.

The hand-painted Nike Air Force sneakers, featuring Ed Sheeran's likeness, has become more than just a wedding gift; they are now a cherished symbol of the couple's love, shared interests, and the power of art to create lasting memories. Every time the bride wears those sneakers, she carries a piece of their special day, forever linked to the international recognition our gift received.

Ed Sheeran's retweet became a shining moment that established our brand as one that captures the hearts and imaginations of both individuals and international superstars alike.

Forever grateful,



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