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At Starline Customs, we pride ourselves on catering to the elite tastes of our esteemed clientele.
Celebrities from various industries have chosen us to paint their custom shoes affirming our reputation for delivering unparalleled artwork.

Choosing Starline Customs means joining the ranks of these discerning individuals who understand the value of exclusivity and artistry.

Bugzy Malone

British Rapper and Actor - Most recently starring in Guy Ritchie movie "Operation Fortune"

Instagram followers: 1.3 Million


"This was unreal as I've always been a huge fan of Bugzy, we went to see him in Manchester when Katie was heavily pregnant and the atmosphere was just so transcendent!" - Karl 


"I love when i can see a pair really getting worn! It was also super cool to see Elina smashing it at Wimbledon this year! " - Karl 

Elina Svitolina

Ukrainian Tennis Player - Finalist at Wimbledon 2023

Instagram followers: 1 Million


Paul Pogba

Football player - was playing for Manchester United but now plays for Juventus

Instagram followers: 59.8 Million followers


"When this order came through I didn't actually believe it, there was a surreal moment when I was at my parents house and my dad shouted me into the living room to show me that he was on TV wearing them." - Karl 

Will be revealed soon...

Football player - 

Instagram followers: 14.5 Million follower

Celebrity couple (Coming soon)

Singer - 

Instagram followers: 4.8 Million (Combined)

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