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Why so quiet?

just wanted to put a post out to reassure people I am still customising shoes!

I have been so busy with custom orders that i've hardly had chance to upload or update the website!

My waiting list is usually between 8 -16 weeks and we're tipping the back end of that list at the moment. I have got so many amazing pairs to upload and talk about as well as so many pairs that i have not spoke about yet!

I am expanding into other platforms like TikTok and hopefully Youtube but finding the time between painting to upload and create content is hard!

Thank you to all my loyal supporters and everyone whos ordered from me so far, this really is my passion and i'm so grateful to be able to do it every day.

I'm gonna try and keep up the blog about custom shoes as my visibility has took a hit recently and i know i need to be more active!

Please keep liking, sharing and commenting on my insta as it really does help my reach!



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