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Pulp Fiction Vs Louis Vuitton

I absolutely love when people have original ideas that they want me to bring to life! In this case the client wanted a custom wallet, specifically a Louis vuitton wallet with a pulp fiction cartoony theme.

They were very happy with the outcome and really valued the extra special touch i did with the box. I think the thing that stands me out from other customisers is the level or detail and effort that i put into every piece i create.

I admit that sometimes the wait is a little longer than discussed but the outcome more than makes up for the little delays. I don't have a team of people working for me because i am a perfectionist and i couldn't trust anyone to use my branding and name to create something that might not be up to my standard.

I don't want to be one of those custom shoe designers that are just knocking out 50 low quality pairs a week (the profit would be nice but my heart wouldn't be in it).

I want people to hear starline customs and think of words like quality and luxury, i want them to know that even though i may charge a little more, its worth the finished piece.

I love painting custom shoes and wallets, it's my passion. Thank you to everyone who supports us by ordering, re ordering or even sharing my work on social media. Every little helps!



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