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Dota 2 Custom shoes

It’s been a busy year for us and we haven’t given the website or our socials as much love and attention as we used to! This has been because we have been flat out painting custom shoes, custom wallets and various other arty items.

We have pledged to keep everything more up to date and bring you the arty fashion content you deserve!

So the first piece I wanted to share was a shoe that I have recently uploaded on my Instagram.

For any gamers out there you’ll probably recognise it! It’s a DOTA 2 themed pair for a huge fan of the game who competes in tournaments and rocked them to an event in August!

The challenge with this pair was getting the colours to balance and making sure the significant characters were on there without it being too crowded.

The client was absolutely made up with them and that is what I live for!

If you’re on Insta please check them out and show them some love because the algorithm changes recently mean I’m getting lost!

As always, everything is completely hand painted and each custom shoe is unique to their owner, we very rarely do the same design twice unless it’s a simple pattern.

When people ask us to repeat designs we work with them to change the design but keep the theme.

One last thing before I go, we now only have 5 spaces left for Christmas orders, everything else will be completed in 2022 now so if you want to surprise someone with a sick gift, you better get in touch!

(We do still have gift vouchers available)



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