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How does it work?

Q: Do i send in my own shoes or are they provided?

A: That's up to you! We can paint on old shoes or we can provide new shoes.


Q: What's best, new or old?

A: Custom shoes work best when they are new because its a smoother surface with no layers of dirt but if there's a pair you just don't have the heart to throw away and want customising just let us know. 


Q: What can I have on them?

A: You can have whatever your heart desires! We hand paint every pair so the possibilities are endless.

A few ideas to consider are favourite cartoon characters, family members, pets, bands, celebrities or just a random pattern.


Q: Why do people get custom shoes designed?

A: There are many reasons but one of our customers hit the nail on the head recently when they said "When you've just paid £400 for a pair of designer shoes, the last thing you want is to be stood in a shop next to someone with the exact same ones on".

Having your shoes custom painted means you are wearing a unique bespoke pair that no one in the world will have. 


Q: Why should i choose you over other customisers?

A: I have been customising shoes for just over 7 years and i have been an artist all my life. I am confident in saying i provide the best detail compared to a lot of other customisers and my prices are reasonable and reflect the quality. My reviews speak volumes and I've done shoes for a number of celebrities, including Footballer Paul Pogba.


Q: How long does one pair take?

A: All pairs take different lengths depending on the design. Painting the shoes can take between 4 hours to 14 days depending on the design but the wait time varies depending on the current waiting list. 


Q: Is full payment required up front​?

A: Yes, due to the effort and skill that goes into each pair, full payment is required up front.

You can pay with card, cash, bank transfer or paypal.


Q: Are the shoes waterproof?

A: The designs are waterproof but the shoes themselves depend on the brand (e.g. some trainers will get wet and soak your feet if you go swimming in them however the design will stay on the shoes)


Q: Can the custom shoes be worn daily?

A: Yes but please bare in mind that these are art as well as shoes, if you scrape the rubber along barbed wire chances are that you'll ruin the design. We've been doing this for a longtime and we've never had a complaint about fading or durability. 


Q: Do you offer any refunds?

A: Due to the nature of the business, we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges.

We en-devour to make this the best experience possible and to this day we've never had a customer complaint.

Please ensure you are 100% happy with the design you want before committing.  


Q: How do i talk to you about a design?​

A: You can call us up, email or message us on our social media.

If you are wanting bulk orders or something really complex we can arrange an appointment to come and discuss your ideas. 

If your question hasn't been answered, please pop us a message over.

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